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Acrobatics Program

Our new Rhythms In Motion Acrobatics and Dance Center opened in September 2017 and our students and parents absolutely love it!  This newly remodeled 4,888 sq ft facility has a large dance studio space which allowed us to expand our schedule to include many new classes.  Along with our popular Pre-School and Kinderdance classes, we now offer a new Tumble Tots class for 3-5 year olds and three levels of Adult Tap classes (because who doesn't like to tap their toes when they hear a good song on the radio). 
Our new location also contains a huge acro gym for our Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced acrobatic classes.  All acro classes put safety at the forefront of everything that we do.  Our instructors are certified through Acrobatic Arts.  Acrobatic Arts' training program is designed to teach dance educators how to safely and effectively instruct AcroDance in the dance studio.  Dance teachers must learn how to spot safely and effectively in order to become certified.  Read on to learn more about the three acro levels we will offer and which one might be the right choice for your child:

Beginning Acrobatics - Students will be educated on proper stretching technique and beginning tumbling skills which include cartwheels, backbends, forward and backward rolls.  Chest stands will be introduced.

Intermediate Acrobatics (Teacher permission required to enroll) - Students will progress beyond beginning acrobatics to continue to develop their tumbling skills.  Students may now work on front and back walkovers, back handsprings, aerials, and chest and elbow stands while continuing to master previously introduced skills.

Advanced Acrobatics (Teacher permission required to enroll) - Open to those students who have graduated from the Intermediate level, Advanced Acrobatics will continue to build upon and refine previously learned skills.  Students will continue their safe stretching practice to maintain and increase flexibility which will assist them in their tumbling.  More challenging tumbling will be introduced such as back tucks and standing aerials.

It is important to note, your child is not locked into the same level all year.  Our acrobatics program is designed to support progression through all levels.  This will keep students motivated and goal oriented.  We will also have rotating stations for limbering and tumbling to minimize student wait time during class.  A typical class will start with cardio, then flexibility, followed by strength, limbering, and finish with tumbling as per the Acrobatic Arts' syllabus.

Below are photos of our new Center Township location taken preopening, summer of 2017.
Front door and desk
Parent/guardian waiting area
Student cubbies
Student waiting area
Hallway from student waiting area to gym viewing area
Gym viewing area
Opening to steps that lead down to the gym/dance studio
Steps leading down to the gym/dance studio
Left view of our new dance studio area
Right view of our new dance studio area
Unpacking our brand new Tumbl Trak!
Future spot in our gym for our Tumbl Trak/strength station
Left view of our amazing new Acro gym
Right view of our amazing new Acro gym
Another view of the gym - so much ROOM!
Our building view from corner of Brodhead Rd & Ridgeview Dr.
Our front door, welcome everyone!
Brodhead Rd street sign
3140 Brodhead Road, Aliquippa, PA 15001