Class Curriculum

Here at Rhythms In Motion, we are proud to offer classes in all areas of dance technique for all ages and levels.  Students are first placed into classes by age first, then ability level.  The following are descriptions of our classes offered:

Pre-School - (Ages 3 to 4) This is an introductory class for young students at the beginning stage of their dance training.  This 1 hour class focuses on primary ballet, beginning tap basics, and creative dance through the use of balls, hoops, and tumbling.  Emphasis is placed on having fun while learning coordination, balance, rhythms, and musical expression.  We strive to create a love of dance, confidence, the ability to follow directions, as well as an appreciation of music.  This combination class is a fun way for our littlest dancers to explore dance in a playful and creative way!

Kinderdance - (Ages 4 to 6) This class combines Ballet/Jazz basics, Tap basics, and beginning tumbling into a one hour class.  Emphasis is placed on age appropriate proper technique.  This combination class is a great way for a young dancer to explore dance in a fun way while focusing on beginning basics in all areas of technique.

Pre-Dance 1&2 - Pre-Dance 1 is for students 4-6 years old with 2 years prior dance experience.  Pre-Dance 2 is for students 6-8 years old.  This class is an introduction to dance that includes 30 minute Ballet, Jazz, and Tap classes, for a total of 1 1/2 hours per class.  Our Pre-Dance classes will focus on dance basics and technique and introduce students to a more formal class setting.  Students will use barre work, steps across the floor, and learn different dance combinations to further their education.

Junior Dance 1 - Ages 8 to 9 OR students age 10-12 who are starting dance instruction for the first time.  Junior level Ballet, Jazz, and Tap classes are 30 minutes each, for a total of 1 1/2 hours per class.  Our Junior Dance 1 classes focus on expanding the dancer’s knowledge of dance technique along with introducing dance terminology and formalized class structure.

Junior Dance 2 & 3 - Junior Dance 2 is for 10-12 years olds with at least 4 years of dance training OR students age 13-14 who are starting dance instruction for the first time.  Junior Dance 3 is for 12-14 year olds with at least 6 years of dance training who aren't quite ready to move up to our Teen/Senior class.  Ballet, Jazz, and Tap classes usually run 45 to 60 minutes each, for a total of 2 to 2 1/2 hours per class.  All classes focus on technique, terminology, structure, and refining basic skills.

Teen/Senior Class - Students in our Teen/Senior Class are ages 13-17.  Students ages 13-14 in this level need to have 8 or more years of dance training.  Students ages 15-17 in this level may have started their dance training at a later age.  We offer 30 minute Jazz, 30 minute Tap, 30 minute Lyrical, and 90 minute Ballet with beginner pointe classes at this level.  Senior classes focus on strengthening the dancer’s body, technique, and overall knowledge of dance in various styles and forms.

Acrobatics - Our expanded Acrobatics program will focus on flexibility, strength, limbering, balancing, and tumbling.  Our teachers are certified through Acrobatic Arts.  Acrobatic Arts' training program is designed to teach dance educators how to safely and effectively instruct AcroDance in the dance studio.  Dance teachers must learn how to spot safely and effectively in order to become certified.  Rhythms In Motion Dance Studio is currently 1 of only 21 dance studios in Pennsylvania (and the ONLY studio in Beaver County) to be certified!  For more information about their teacher certification program and their class syllabus we follow, visit Acrobatic Arts' web site.

Competitive Dance Company - Students who wish to join the Rhythms In Motion Competitive Dance  Team are welcome to do so at the beginning of each year.  Competitive levels include: Mini Company, Petite Company, Junior Company,  Teen Company, and Senior Company.  Competitive Level students dance between 2-3 days each week and take a variety of technique classes (Ballet is mandatory).  Choreography/Routine classes for competitions are separate from the technique classes.  We are always looking for new students to join our exceptional team!  If you want to make new friends, have a ton of fun, are serious about becoming the best dancer you can be, and can make the commitment, our team is perfect for you!  For more information about the Rhythms In Motion Competitive Dance Team please contact studio owner, Ms. Kim Schlott.

Adult Tap Dance Classes for Beginners, Level 1 & Level  2 are also available!.