We are proud to present photos of our "A Step in Time" performers!
Come On Ride the Train
Vampire's Kiss
Shake Up the Party
Purple People Eater
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy
Sea Cruise
Footloose Doll
The Entertainer
Teach Me How To Shimmy
Dance Like a Daisy
I Gave You All
Get Up On It
I Got the Music in Me
Ease On Down the Road
Feeling Good
Animal Festival
Radetzky March
Water and Air
The Four Elements
Hip To Be Square
Dead Silence
Material Girl
" I am a dancer.  I twirl, leap, and spin. 
I jump, pirouette, and tap.  I am a dancer. 
I feel pain and fear.  I feel defeat and failure. 
Yet I keep going.  I smile.  I practice.  I perform. 
I have grace and beauty.  I do not dance because
I am happy.  I am happy because I dance. 
I hear applause.  I perform and do my best. 
Sometimes I fail.  I don't give up. 
For I am a dancer.  I am brave and strong. 
I dance not for fame and glory, but for how I feel inside.  I am happiness, joy, love, and excitement, strife, talent, triumph, determination, and beauty.  I am a dancer."
Baby I'm a Star
No Parking
Goody Two Shoes
A Whole New World
Come Together
Rainbow Waltz
Alice in Wonderland
These Four Walls
When You Believe
Little Susie
Rule the World
Whine Up
Almost There
Jailhouse Rock
Who's Bad
Don't You Worry Child
Cruisin' For a Bruisin'
Let It Go
Summer Lovin'